Content Change Coaching provides Executive Coaching for individuals, teams and organisations ranging from newly-promoted managers to Director and C-suite level, on a range of work-based focus areas.

Areas of specialism include:

  • Building on leadership skills and style;
  • Career transitions and progression;
  • Creating strategies around limiting beliefs;
  • Successfully navigating organisational change;
  • Motivational issues;
  • Team cohesiveness and values;
  • Solutions-focused approach;
  • Achieving mindset change;
  • Strategic decision-making; and
  • Career decision-making based on strengths and values.

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The research you did for us has proved to be one of the most useful pieces of research I have seen.

Your understanding of the product we asked you to concentrate on, the competition and the market was very impressive as was your ability to ensure that all segments of the target market were contacted and represented in your final report.

The information contained in your research has enabled us to be able to put together a clear strategy for the product so that we can compete effectively with a very strong competitor. It has also enabled us to identify further opportunities there might be for us to develop products and services for this market outside of this product.

Your research has ensured that we are in the best position to move forward in the right direction and become a strong presence in this market.

Head of Publishing UK

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