Content Change Coaching was engaged by a large, UK-based, (B2B) Professional Publishing business, to examine the position of a product in the legal marketplace to create a turnaround plan and make recommendations for future strategy of the product in a highly-competitive, lucrative, marketplace, with large competitors and sophisticated products.

Content Change Coaching worked with senior and mid-level internal stakeholders, while undertaking indepth market research by interviewing a variety of stakeholders, including senior practitioners to entry-level practitioners at all sizes of a variety of target client firms, as well as existing (and past) clients, prospects, and a number of intermediaries.  This was complemented with detailed, secondary, quantitative research. This provided a clear, detailed, fact-based overview of the product’s place in the market and its place in its strategic grouping, along with a clear narrative of the market perception of it. The analysis also uncovered some assumptions that were being made about the product and its aims, and gave a clearer direction for the product development plan, identifying where and how it could niche, and highlighting the key aspects, core components and tactics for the future marketing strategy. Simultaneously, the recommendations identified key potential partners that would enable the product to acquire unique resources that would create sustainable competitive advantage in its subsequent relaunch and enhanced profitability.

Content Change Consulting provides strategic consultancy to B2B information businesses and professional service firms focusing on B2B content strategy. If you would like to discuss potential projects, then please get in touch here.