Strategic consultancy

You may have a product offering that is bringing in revenue, but you want to have a much better idea of how it is perceived and how it matches up against other products in the marketplace. You may not have had the resources in-house to do ‘boundary scanning’ for industry developments and innovations. We help with this. We can step in for you at whatever stage of strategic consulting might be needed. We have 20 plus years of experience in creating and actioning successful strategies in professional information organisations, globally.​


Strategic analysis

We have experience in undertaking thorough analysis of your offering, including researching market perceptions and reach, to surface and test assumptions. We apply a variety of strategic tools to gather the most appropriate and relevant information, which is tailored to your niche and environment or a new sector that you might wish to research.

Strategic choices

We explore and validate all of the most appropriate strategic options in your opportunities for growth. We will provide thorough and practical research and background to inform the most relevant options for your expansion or development. We ensure that you have sufficient information to comfortably review your options, including any potential partnerships or options for joint ventures.


We help you by providing you with informed, thoroughly examined recommendations so that you can position yourself to achieve your strategic goals successfully.

Your aim might be to:

  • build competitive advantage
  • increase single product revenues
  • create new products to satisfy emerging customer needs; or
  • to broaden your footprint and strengthen your expertise by being ‘first-to-market’ in a specific niche.​

We provide a number of different consultancy packages to suit your needs.

Whatever your plans, we have deep expertise in launching new information products and portfolios, choosing partners for collaboration or joint ventures, as well as in identifying existing, external, resources in order to acquire much-needed skills quickly.

We support you whether it be on an individual product level or by taking a wider review of your portfolio and business unit to identify gaps and opportunities.​