I found the way Sarah built the relationship to be very powerful and for me trust was built very quickly…I had a challenge where I needed to understand my next step in my career...this session hugely helped me and I have started the journey post this session.

I needed to understand the potential in my team as well as some of their strengths and development areas as it was a new team. Again, Sarah really challenged me using several techniques to understand the team and where the gaps of success were.

Overall Sarah consistently offered what I would call high challenge/high support.

Head of Operations, Financial Services

I thoroughly enjoyed the session and benefited from it more than I thought I would. I found your approach very positive. You showed patience, calmness and warmth and this made it easy for me to talk to you…Your questions were thought-provoking and encouraged me… to find the answers I already had in me, even though I didn't know they were there.

Business Owner, Wellness Sector

The coaching helped me crystalise what I felt and what actions I needed to take.

The last session was one of the best and I think it was so successful because it focused on organisational and prioritisation skills which I realise as probably my biggest issue and why I spend so long just writing lists and never achieving anything. It's not lack of motivation necessarily but more that I don't know where to start! So, I like the way that you got me to realise this through sessions and I genuinely think that I have a plan around this.

You've got a very calm manner and seem to know what to say to give me just enough encouragement but not so much that you are unduly influencing me! So thank you.

Head of Learning, Global Tech organisation

Overall, I think the coaching worked well for me not least because it gave me the opportunity to articulate my thoughts and thought processes as I tried to establish what my next steps would be regarding possible employment and also how I would feel stepping back into the employment market.

Being 'allowed' to just talk through the issues with someone was cathartic but also helped me crystalise what I felt and what actions I needed to take.

C-Suite, Media and Fin-Tech Sectors

Sarah is a very intuitive coach - time after time she came up with really insightful questions that really made me think and allowed me to create some real changes in my behaviour. I felt really confident in certain areas after my sessions with Sarah - she helped me a lot.
Sarah always went the extra step to help and come up with new approaches to get the most of the sessions.
I would thoroughly recommend Sarah as a coach - she really times her questions extremely well to flow into the sessions - there were times I felt like I was going off point and Sarah always managed to get me back on track. A first class coach who really makes a difference!

Leader, Energy Industry

Sarah is a supportive coach. She makes good use of tools and exercises to help me uncover insights. Grounding is really useful in helping the clients be presence and focus on the session. She manages to slow me down and creates the space for self reflection and discovery. I really enjoy being coached by her.

Leader, Financial Services.

Sarah is a great coach. At the start of coaching I did not have a clear idea about my target audience. By the end of coaching with Sarah I could zero in on my ideal audience that feels authentic and aligned to my vision and values. Sarah guided me through insightful questions and held the space for me to find my own answers. Sarah's patient, gentle, non judgemental and effective approach made me feel very comfortable in my exploration. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who is ready to find their own answers and would like the patient and effective guidance of a great coach. Thanks Sarah !

Entrepreneur Advisor

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