We ensure that you understand what coaching is about and what can be achieved by providing a complimentary no-obligation ‘chemistry’ or discovery session before any engagement. To find out more contact us via the form. You can also request a chemistry or discovery session and we will send you a booking link.

Some common areas of focus for our Executive Coaching sessions include:

Clarifying your strengths and values that will support you in and progress you towards a successful and thriving career path
Surfacing motivational issues and underlying challenges, to identify solutions and executing action plans not just for the short-term, but to create a longer-term positive mindset
Creating coping strategies for high performance and stressful work-based scenarios
Developing your skills as a newly-promoted leader and improving your confidence, to enhance your performance
Surfacing limiting beliefs and any Imposter Syndrome that may be impacting your leadership performance, and implementing strategies to overcome these, enhance your skills and empower you to develop your resilience
Focusing on resolving your inter-personal work and team conflicts for a more positive working environment
Creating positive solutions-focused outcomes and strategies to overcome individual (and team) challenges

Our packages for individuals

Package A – Direction

3 x sessions

Focus on a short-term goal. This package includes identifying your strengths and values as a starting point. We then work together to understand objectives, to empower you to confidently plan and implement positive solutions. We provide support in between sessions.

Duration 6 to 12 weeks

Package B – Precision

6 x sessions

This package includes strength, values and challenge identification and strategies, as included in Package A, along with the support in between sessions. This package may also provide support to help you to deal with any limiting beliefs. If so, we will provide you with actions to implement positive ongoing mindset change. This package targets your own work-based aspirations, challenges and organisational goals.

Duration 12 to 24 weeks​

Package C – Resilience

9 x sessions

This package incorporates all the elements of Package B, but might also coach you in your strategic decision-making. Example of this might be to support you in creating strategies for your new team, your first days in a new role or in creating or implementing organisational changes for your teams. In undergoing change we can help you to feel empowered and to develop resilience, while experiencing or having to execute change.

Duration 18 to 36 weeks


1 x 90 minute session - Resolution

Typical topics might include:
- Identifying and dealing with short-term work conflicts or scenarios;
- Confidence-building or preparation for important meetings or presentations;
- Overcoming feelings and thoughts around single work-based situations;
- Focusing on removing limiting beliefs towards a particular situation; and
- Working through a decision that has to be made on career opportunities or choices.

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