We work with organisations to understand their key objectives and priorities in order to devise systemic coaching programmes. These programmes might be for leaders and teams, or key individuals, focusing on their strengths and skills, to achieve their goals and prepare themselves for change. We focus on team and individual resilience and help to map out a path to improved performance for sustainable competitive advantage.

Typical areas for coaching focus might include:

Identifying team strengths and skills gaps in order to create stronger team effectiveness and work towards organisational objectives
Creating solutions-focused workshops for teams, resulting in immediate actionable plans
Understanding team dynamics to create improved team cohesiveness and performance
Focus on developing individual leadership skills and growth mindset and/or emotional intelligence
Change-centred coaching for teams or individuals going through structural change or transition


We work with you as a sponsor at the outset of any coaching relationship to understand your key objectives for your individuals and organisation, and to build a deep understanding of your business challenges. We can provide you with a full briefing on how far coaching fits in meeting your strategic goals and can enhance the performance of your key internal stakeholders. We endeavour to build trust, and highly-constructive relationships with you, and your team, during our engagements.


We embed mutually-agreed check-ins, milestones and review stages during the coaching schedule to ensure that we are on track to achieve your desired objectives, and to identify any adjustments needed towards successful outcomes.

We can work with you to tailor a coaching approach for your specific organisational needs. Here are some examples of our organisational packages. Contact us to discuss these, or to talk through how we might create bespoke coaching around your areas of focus.​

Leadership and Influence

6 sessions

This coaching engagement focuses on building and developing leadership skills and style for either newly-promoted or existing leaders. Coaching can be focused on key individuals, or groups of leaders. (All coaching would be 1:2:1.) We work with you and the individual to agree upon objectives and the engagement allows time to put enhanced skills into place before our end of engagement.

Optional support to coachees between sessions can be provided

Typical duration: 14 to 24 weeks


6 to 10 sessions

This coaching engagement might include coaching to surface any limiting beliefs, motivational challenges, organisational change, external disruption or personal (or external) transition that might be pertinent to the coachee’s work-based environment. The aim of this engagement is to identify any challenges that might ‘get in the way’, in order for individuals and teams to feel empowered while they identify and execute positive strategies for improved performance of their teams and business. This package can also support individuals experiencing a change in their career path.

Optional support to coachees between sessions can be provided

Typical duration: 20 to 36 weeks

Team Solutions-Focus

The aim of this engagement is to bring teams together to surface team work-based values and strengths and skills, identify ‘blockages’ and empower the team to take steps to deal with any challenges. The ‘solutions-focus’ session(s) encourages team members to come away from sessions armed with plans for immediately ‘actionable’ short and medium-term steps that they can take towards reaching desired goals.

This Package can be facilitated as a single Team Workshop or it might comprise a Team Workshop and separate 1:2:1 coaching sessions with Team members. The 1:2:1 sessions are tailored to agreed areas pertinent to the organisation.

Optional support can be provided post-Workshop and in between 1:2:1 sessions.


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